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Episode 161

Published on:

24th Mar 2023

How To Create Your Family Flywheel - with Aaron Shelley

Aaron Shelly has lots of expertise in startups and small business, as well as researching families and family businesses.

Here's a few things we discuss in the show:

  • What is the Fundamental Family System that governs all families?
  • What is a family business model and how do you align the 3 core elements of strategy, structure and culture?
  • What are the different resource types?
  • What resources does each career require?
  • What is the best way to pass on wealth to my kids?
  • How homemakers' social investments are undervalued and how that is causing societal issues now?
  • What did Bill Gates' parents do that were essential for his success?
  • Why do couples have friction in their relationships and how can they reduce it?

His book, The Family Flywheel, teaches people to understand their resources and create a family business model that will produce whatever lifestyle they want. Most people don't want freedom from everything, but they want freedom to work on the things that they find the most important in life.

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