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Episode 182

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9th Jun 2023

Setting Our Sights Towards Heaven with David Steen

Today I'm joined by David Steen, author of the soon to be released book, Almost Home.

A typical farm boy from the South, David Steen grew up in pursuit of the American Dream. After college graduation, he staked his claim in the corporate world as an accomplished Senior Designer in Engineering, followed by an adventurous career as a Product Manager. His calling and passion to write, incubating for decades, manifested itself through personal and professional blogging, as well as a plethora of published articles for various magazines.

David resides on a small farm in Hartford, Arkansas, where he enjoys long walks to the creek with his lovely wife and short walks through the field with his sheep. Other passions include writing, music, reading, cooking for their large family, and sipping on a cup of dark roast coffee as often as possible.

Here's where you can find David and his book:

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